Wicked Women

Live performance

Live performance


28 October - 23 December

Daily at 11:30, 13:00, 15:30

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Meet the women who were prisoners at the Tower of London during the time of Henry VIII

Join two Tudor women - prisoners of Henry VIII. From common murderers to ill-fated queens, many lost their liberty and even their lives within these walls.

Who should you support? The King, or these 'Wicked Women'?

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Meet at the South Lawn.

Elizabeth Barton and Alice Wolfe, prisoners in the Tower of London under Henry VIII, 1533. With their jailor, John Bawde.

Weekday performance

Elizabeth Barton, the Holy Maid of Kent and Alice Wolfe, accused of piracy, have been imprisoned at the Tower in 1533. If convicted, they face execution.

These are turbulent times in Tudor England. King Henry VIII has decided to divorce his Queen, Katherine of Aragon, and marry Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth Barton claims visions from God, threatening divine punishment. But to threaten the king is treason, and soon she finds herself a prisoner in the Tower. Is everything as it seems? Is she being used by powerful enemies of the King?

Meanwhile (criminal) life goes on. Alice Wolfe and her husband John have been imprisoned for luring rich merchants onto their boat on the Thames, murdering them and stealing their money. Maybe the King will be lenient if Alice can uncover any incriminating evidence on the Holy Maid. But Alice has plans for a daring escape.

Weekend performance

Catherine Howard has been queen for less than two years. The fifth wife of Henry VIII, she has travelled throughout the country, as the middle-aged king was eager to display his youthful new bride. But Catherine has powerful enemies at court and rumours emerge about past loves and her current relationship with Master Thomas Culpepper. Confined to the Tower while further investigations are carried out, while Catherine face the same fate as her cousin, Queen Anne Boleyn?

Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford, is no stranger to the Tower. She was a star witness in the trial of Henry VIII’s second wife, Queen Anne Boleyn. Her testimony against her own husband, Anne’s brother George, and against Anne herself, contributed directly to their executions. Now, as lady in waiting to Catherine Howard, she is implicated, perhaps responsible for her mistress’s indiscretions. Will the block await another Boleyn Girl?

Actress dressed in Tudor costume talking to family group at the Tower of London
Sir Walter Raleigh's Study downstairs in the Bloody Tower at the Tower of London, showing a desk and walls with projections.
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Explore the stories of the Princes in the Tower and Sir Walter Raleigh in the infamous Bloody Tower.

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Tower of London

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The Imprisonment at the Tower exhibition in the Beauchamp Tower at the Tower of London, showing three arches in the wall, a fireplace on the left hand side and a display case in the centre of the room
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Learn why people ended up as prisoners in the Tower of London, in the very rooms where some of them were held.

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Tower of London

Included in palace admission (members go free)

The Wakefield Tower and the Bloody Tower Arches with visitors walking towards the Torture at the Tower exhibition.
Things to see

Prepare to be shocked by stories of the unfortunate prisoners who were tortured within the walls of the Tower of London.

Open daily

Tower of London

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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