Tower Escape

Live performance

Live performance


  • Start date: 13 July 2019
  • End date: 31 August 2019
Various times during the day

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Included in palace admission (members go free)

For hundreds of years, the Tower of London served as a prison for enemies of the Crown. Rebels, plotters, heretics, spies and traitors have filled its cells and dungeons. Some were tortured, some lost their heads. But a very few managed to escape… Would you have been one of them?

From 13 July – 31 August
Visit the Tower of London in the dark days of Elizabeth I and James I. Rub shoulders with prisoners John Gerard, secret Catholic priest, Arbella Stewart, resourceful royal rival to the monarchs and William Seymour, lovestruck young man or cunning plotter? Keep your eyes and ears open. What friends, equipment and opportunities will there be to help your quest for freedom?

Time: 11.30, 13.00, 15.30
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Meet at South Lawn

Pick up a family trail and meet prisoners, gather clues and devise your own escape plan.

Have you seen this man?

From 03 – 31 August
Witness one of history’s greatest prison escapes as John Gerard abseils down the Salt Tower and escapes to freedom.

Time: 11.50, 13.20, 15.50
Duration: 10 minutes
Location: Foot of the Salt Tower

The Imprisonment at the Tower exhibition in the Beauchamp Tower at the Tower of London, showing three arches in the wall, a fireplace on the left hand side and a display case in the centre of the room
Things to see

Learn why people ended up as prisoners in the Tower of London, in the very rooms where some of them were held.

Open daily

Tower of London

Included in palace admission (members go free)

The Wakefield Tower and the Bloody Tower Arches with visitors walking towards the Torture at the Tower exhibition.
Things to see

Prepare to be shocked by stories of the unfortunate prisoners who were tortured within the walls of the Tower of London.

Open daily

Tower of London

Included in palace admission (members go free)

A medieval character in red emerges from the structure of the Tower of London

Meet characters from the Tower of London's history, complete challenges and win badges on your digital mission.


Tower of London

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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