International schools

Updated 2 July. Following government guidance, the Tower of London will be re-opening from 10 July. Please read our visit information

Close up of a sign showing the way to the Bloody Tower, November 2009.

International schools activity trail

New from September 2019

This activity trail gives international students a fun way to explore the key sights at the Tower of London and to discover its fascinating history, secrets and stories.

Available languages: English as a foreign language, French, German
Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors, Crown Jewels, Modern Day
Session Type: Route-based

School students visiting the Tower of London for a school session.

International schools tour

Created using EFL teaching guidelines, this tour is taught in English by a presenter who is dressed in a historic costume. Your students will hear some of the Tower's most exciting stories.

Subject: English, History
Topics: Normans, Medieval, Tudors, Stuarts
ession Type: Route-based