A Level activity trail and session

Update 14 December: In line with government guidance, the Tower of London will be closed from 16 December.

A live interpreter dressed as a Tudor Lady and a Live Interpreter dressed as a Tudor Gentlemen are kneeling on either side of a padlocked chest in the Great Watching Chamber. They are arguing.

Session: Mid-Tudor crisis

Students will analyse the buildings and documentary evidence to explore the Tower's use by Tudor kings and queens as a symbol of power and fear.

Key Stage 5
Subject: History
Topics: Tudors, Crime and Punishment
Session Type: Depth study

Bookings open from 16 November 2020.

School students visiting the Tower of London for a school session.

Activity trail

This trail is designed to support students studying Tudor history at A Level, providing structure and relevant highlights for an exploration of the Tower.

Bookings open from 16 November 2020.

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