Secondary school sessions

KS3 group engaged in a school session at Hillsborough Castle.

Victoria and India: Woman and Empress

Through examination of primary sources from Victoria’s reign, analyse the complexities of British rule in India and Victoria’s role within it.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topics: Victorians, Empire
Session Type: Route-based and classroom

Queen Victoria's childhood bedroom at Kensington Palace.

Writing creatively about young Victoria

Investigate written sources, including contemporary Dickens novels, to find out about Princess Victoria’s life at Kensington Palace.

Key Stage 3
Subject: English, History
Topics: Victorians
Session Type: Route-based and classroom-based


The King's Gallery at Kensington Palace

How glorious was the Glorious Revolution of 1688?

New from April 2020
Explore the royal apartments of William and Mary, using the physical evidence of the buildings to analyse their power and influence.

Key Stage 3
Subject: History
Topics: Stuarts
Session Type: Route-based and classroom


Gentleman's court coat of ivory silk satin, c. 1770

Historic royal fashion - Study day

Explore the language and meaning of royal court dress which will provide inspiration for creative work back in the classroom.

Key Stage 5
Subject: Art and Design, Textiles
Topic: Georgians, Victorians 
Session Type: Classroom-based, Route-based