Presenting the past

Updated 30 July. Following government guidance, the castle and gardens at Hillsborough Castle are now open Thursday-Sunday. Please read our visit information.

About this session

Key Stage 3 | Subject: History, Language & Literacy | Topic: Preservation & conservation of a local site | Session Type: Route-based

Hillsborough Castle is an important historical site, with a rich history. It requires conservation but also needs to be open and accessible for all to share in its future. How would you balance, the sometimes conflicting, demands on the site?

Students will discover the changing uses and roles of Hillsborough Castle over time. They will evaluate the historical evidence present in the building and the relevant importance of the different historical narratives that could be presented.  Students will then use this knowledge to work in teams to choose key stories to tell and present to the public, suggest future improvements, apportion budget and then present their proposals to the class.

Learning objectives

Students will:

• Learn that Hillsborough Castle has a rich and varied history form Georgian times to today.
• Learn that historic buildings are sources and can be presented in different ways.
• Consider the range of historical narratives and evaluate their importance.
• Explore a range of factors of importance when conserving, preserving and opening an historical site to the public.

National Curriculum links

This session supports:

• Development of historical enquiry skills.
• Development of critical thinking skills.
• Development of speaking and listening skills and presenting a persuasive argument.
• Students to work together as a team, to find answers, reach a decision and present their findings.

Booking information

Thursday & Friday
10.30, 13:00

90 minutes

Up to 30 students


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