Additional information for your visit

Additional information for your visit

  • I am a member, how do I book a time slot?

    As a member, you need to pre-book a timeslot for your visit using the Member portal. This is to ensure the safety of both visitors and staff. 

    If you are unable to login with your membership number and surname, try a space after your surname. It is not case-specific. If this doesn’t help, please email our team at members@hrp.org.uk.

  • Will there be toilets open?

    Toilets are available in the following locations:

    • Base Court
    • Wilderness

    All toilets have disabled access and baby changing facilities.

    Due to the one-way system in place, once out in the gardens, the only facilities available will be in the Wilderness. Toilets will be frequently cleaned and monitored by staff.

  • Is there parking on-site?

    Yes, limited parking is available on-site but cannot be pre-booked. It costs £1.60 per hour. Pay for your parking with card only. Please note the parking machines are touch screen and sanitiser dispensers are next to machines. Alternatively, you can use the Gilde app.

    Disabled parking

    There are 9 disabled parking bays available on site. Parking on site is free for Blue Badge holders. On the rare occasion that these bays are full, disabled visitors are welcome to park in any other space as long as their Blue Badge is displayed.

  • How do I pre-book for the Magic Garden/Maze?

    Magic Garden is now open and is included in a palace day admission ticket. All non-members need to book a palace admission day ticket. Separate Magic Garden tickets are not available.

    The Maze remain closed at this time.

  • Where do I need to wear a face covering?

    Face coverings must be worn in our retail shops.

    Government guidelines also recommend face coverings should be worn in indoor spaces at the palaces and this will be mandatory from 8 August.

  • Are the cafés and gift shop open?

    The Wilderness Kiosk is open, serving ice creams, snacks, teas and filter coffees. The Kiosk is open from 11:00-16:00.

    The Tiltyard Cafe is open. You will be able to choose from a variety of food and drink including: barista-style coffees, teas, pastries, cookies, muffins and cakes. The cafe will be open from 10:30-16:30. 

    Our other cafés remain closed for now. We are also working on providing drinkable water, but this will not be available at present.

    Our Palace shop located opposite the Ticket office is open as well as new Undercroft shop. Our online shop is also open.

  • Visiting as a group?

    From Monday 14 September, group/multiple ticket holders are required by law to visit in groups of 6 (unless they are visiting as a household or support bubble which is larger than 6).

    Guided tour groups of up to 30 people may take place indoors or outdoors as long COVID-19 safety measures are followed.

  • I'm visiting with young children - what do I need to know?

    Buggies and pushchairs are permitted in the palace and gardens, but a buggy park is located in Clock Court if you prefer to leave it during your visit.

    Balls, frisbees and roller-blades are not permitted in the formal gardens or the palace.

    Cycling and scooters are not allowed in any part of the courtyards or gardens.

  • Can I bring my own food?

    Visitors are welcome to bring their own food and enjoy picnics in the East Front gardens– we simply ask that you observe social distancing, for your safety, and the safety of our other guests.

  • Can I take my dog with me to the palace gardens?

    Dogs are not permitted within the palace courtyards or gardens unless they are registered assistance dogs. Even small dogs are not to be taken inside the palace. Dogs kept on a short lead are able to be walked on the West Front only. We welcome all registered assistance dogs, even those in training. Please bring the dog’s 'Assistance Dog’s (UK)’ identification book (or the appropriate international equivalent) with you.
    Unfortunately, due to conservation concern and the nature of items on display, we do not allow emotional support animals to enter the palace at this time.
    Do not leave dogs in your car.

  • How long should I allow for my visit?

    You are able to spend as much time as you like for your visit, dependent on your entry time.

  • Where can I leave my bag while visiting the palace?

    Some lockers are available in the Clock Court buggy park and can fit carry-on luggage sized cases. They are available on a first-come first-served basis and cannot be pre-booked. A £1.00 coin deposit is required to use these lockers. Please note our security procedure is constantly under review and this facility may be withdrawn without notice.

  • What extra safety measures will be taken at your sites to ensure visitors and staff are protected?

    We will:

    • Limit the amount of people entering our sites every 30 minutes, so we can prevent spaces becoming too crowded, and make observing social distancing as easy as possible.
    • Provide clear signage to facilitate social distancing for staff and visitors.
    • In some cases, where space is limited, e.g. shops / security checks, we will use screens to protect visitors and staff. Where appropriate, our staff will also be provided with PPE.
    • Provide hand sanitiser dispensers for visitors at all entrance points, in our shops and cafes. All staff will be issued with detailed guidance on maintaining high standards of hygiene and this guidance will also be available in public areas to ensure visitors maintain the same standards.
    • Implement a frequent and comprehensive cleaning regime.
    • Carefully monitor the ‘flow’ of visitors around our sites to ensure no spaces become too crowded. For example, we may need to implement ‘one in one out’ queueing systems in our toilets.
  • Will your staff be wearing PPE?

    Where appropriate – particularly where closer contact with members of the public is required – our staff will be issued with PPE, or may be working behind screens, for their protection and to protect our visitors.  All staff working ‘on the floor’ will be provided with gloves and the option of using a facemask.

  • Who is entitled to the concession rate?
    • Student: You are entitled to a concession rate ticket if you are over the age of 16 and in full time education. You are required to show a current student identification card once on site to validate the discounted price. International students are entitled to this rate if they also meet these requirements with a valid id card.
    • 65+ years: You are entitled to a concession rate ticket if you are 65 or over. You may be required to show an identification card (with your date of birth) once on site to validate the discounted price. International visitors are entitled to this rate if they also meet these requirements of proof of age.
  • How do I book a free carers ticket?

    Those with a registered disability are entitled to a free carers ticket. 

    Complimentary adult carer tickets can be obtained on the day of your visit upon presentation of proof of registered disability (such as a Blue Badge, Freedom Pass, DLA letter or PIP letter).

    The access page has further detail on what to expect during your visit.

  • Can I use my London Pass?

    In order to adhere to Government guidelines on capacity within our sites, Hampton Court Palace is currently operating on a pre-booked, timed ticketing basis. To guarantee admission, you must book in advance by emailing contact@gocity.com stating your London Pass numbers, number of tickets (adults and children), and preferred date and time of visit. They will make the booking on your behalf and email confirmation within 48 hours of your enquiry. If your requested time is not available, they will book the next available time slot (within one hour of your original request). Once booked, reservations cannot be amended or cancelled. If you do not book in advance, entry on the day cannot be guaranteed. 

    Separate terms and conditions apply. 

  • How do I use my 2 for 1 offers?

    In order to adhere to Government guidelines on capacity within our sites, we are currently only able to accept tickets that have been pre-booked via our website.


  • I have another third party voucher – how do I use it to visit?

    In order to adhere to Government guidelines on capacity within our sites, we are currently only able to accept tickets that have been pre-booked via our website.

    At present, we are unable to accept third party vouchers. We hope to have an increased capacity later in the year, which will allow us to accept third party vouchers.

  • Can I take photos in the palace?

    You are welcome to take non-commercial photographs (without the use of flash) within most of the palace with the exception of the Chapel Royal, the Cumberland Art Gallery and temporary exhibitions. Some additional items or imagery may be prohibited from being photographed and this will be clearly signposted, or ask a member of staff if you are unsure. The use of tripods and selfie-sticks is prohibited. Images of the palace are available for sale from our Photographic Library. Requests for commercial photography, filming or sketching should be made in advance. 

  • I think I left some property behind, how do I retrieve it?

    If you lose something during your visit please contact the nearest member of staff. Alternatively, contact HCPReceptionOffice@hrp.org.uk and we’ll do our best to try to reunite you with your property.

  • Are the objects and paintings real, and can I touch them?

    The objects and paintings on display in the Palace are real, valuable and delicate. Any handling of them is strictly prohibited to ensure the conservation of these historic pieces. Please do not touch them, and take care with your personal items such as buggies. You may be asked to carry backpacks at your side or store them in our locker facilities.

  • Can I have a wedding/engagement photo-shoot at the palace/in the gardens?

    Wedding and engagement photography is available exclusively to our brides and grooms

  • I am fundraising - can I get complimentary tickets?

    As Historic Royal Palaces is a charity, we receive no funding from the Government or the Crown, so we depend on the support of our visitors, members, donors, volunteers and sponsors.  We are unable to support other fundraising activities with complimentary tickets.

  • What is the dress code at the palace?

    There is no specific dress code for visitors to Hampton Court Palace. We do ask that you dress respectfully as families are likely to be present. If there are offensive slogans or other clothing items deemed to be inappropriate you may be approached by a member of staff. Please note we do not allow visitors (adult or child) to be in costume at Hampton Court Palace. There are costumed interpreters and guides on site, and to avoid confusion for other visitors please refrain from dressing in costume. There are capes provided for children and adults to borrow from the information centre.

  • How do I get more information on the displayed collections?

    For general information browse History and Stories and What's on. For detailed information relating to the collections on display, email curators@hrp.org.uk