Charles I: An incorruptible crown

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About this session

Key Stage 4 | Subject: History | Topic: Stuarts | Session Type: Depth study

Did Charles I really seek to endeavour to the last gasp the Peace of the Kingdom?  In the role of jury, students will evaluate the evidence and make the ultimate judgement before the king himself – guilty or not guilty?

Engaging with primary sources and the causes of a civil war that split families, in the location where King Charles I spent his final minutes, students will face the same decision that tore apart Stuart England. Which path will they choose?

Learning Objectives
Students will:

  • Draw their own conclusions on a major historical event through enquiry and exploration of different types of evidence.
  • Explore the role of bias and personal belief in the presentation of historical evidence and its impact on both contemporary and modern opinions of the English Civil War.

National Curriculum links
This session has been designed to complement the study of the English Civil War, and particularly the following exam boards:

  • OCR A Component group 3: British depth study & historic environment - Personal Rule to Restoration 1629-60.
  • OCR A Component Group 2: Power - Monarchy and Democracy in Britain c.1000 to 2014.
  • AQA Paper 2: Shaping the Nation, Section A - Power and the people: c1170 to the present day.
  • Edexcel Paper 1: Warfare and British Society - c1500–c1700: Warfare and English society in the early modern period.

Booking information

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday by arrangement
90 minutes
Up to 35 pupils


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Family tree of the late Stuart monarchy

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